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Sign up today, stream classes in minutes. Get instant access to our fitness & meditation classes – designed specifically for seniors – the moment you sign up for membership.

Classes On-Demand, Any Time

New classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can access dozens of past classes in your video library at any time to fit your residents’ needs.

Classes for All Levels

Our classes are INCLUSIVE, meaning we offer adjustments and techniques for different skills and ability levels so everyone can join in on the journey together.

Senior Wellness Programs for the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Onward Wellness helps people realize that an elevated quality of life doesn’t have to stop as your body ages. Our inclusive wellness program focuses on improving senior health through strategic fitness and meditation classes you can stream instantly in your facility. For select locations, we also offer plans that include on-site classes with our highly-skilled instructors.

For the Mind


For the Body


For the Spirit


Your Team of Instructors, Dietitians & Experts

Onward Wellness offers senior residential and care facilities a 100% virtual health & wellness platform with streaming fitness and meditation classes that help residents improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Range of Motion
  • Energy levels
  • Mood
  • …and more. Our wellness experts are professionals who have dedicated their careers to bettering the lives of people who can’t participate in traditional fitness programs and will benefit from inclusive wellness instead. Learn more about Onward Wellness, our team, and our mission now.

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"They make a powerful difference for good in the lives of their clients, as they have made in mine. Working with them has been a wonderfully rewarding experience on many levels."

Seth Coyne

"I am very proud of my progress. I am happy that I have gained so much strength, as well as experiencing increased ROM, flexibility in my back & shoulders. My PT has also noticed increased flexibility and range of motion!"

Theon Crumpler

"Please accept my appreciation for your excellent work on behalf of my clients. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with you."

Paula Abraham, RN, BSN, CCM

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate the time that you guys take out of your lives to get me back to mine. You guys are doing some amazing things. Keep up the good work!!"

Curt Collar

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness FAQs

Q: What are my “must have” devices and equipment to start?

A: We encourage all new clients to start with resistance tubes (10lbs to 30lbs), a 65cm exercise ball, and a yoga mat. You can order this equipment directly from the Onward Wellness website. If you choose not to invest in the equipment there are still plenty of equipment-free exercises that the Virtual Fitness Instructors can perform to provide you with a quality and fulfilling workout.

Q. What if I don’t have the stamina to perform a full-length fitness session?

A. No stamina, no problem! The Virtual Fitness Instructors can tailor a workout regimen for you that gradually builds up your endurance so you can complete a full 45-minute session whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness enthusiast.

Q. Are virtual fitness sessions really effective?

Virtual fitness is very effective, but only if you stay dedicated to consistently attending weekly fitness sessions. Also, eating properly and continuing to condition independently on the days you don’t meet with a Virtual Fitness Instructor is key. As the old saying goes, you get out what you put into it!

Q. If I am in a wheelchair or use an assistive device, how can I perform the exercises virtually?

A. Onward's Virtual Fitness Instructors are specifically trained to know how to adapt exercises in order to create successful outcomes for individuals no matter their physical condition/limitations.

Meditation FAQs

Q. What are the benefits of meditation in my daily life?

A. Meditation can reduce high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. It enhances focus, attention span, exercise tolerance, energy, and vigor.

Q. How long should I meditate?

A. According to the Manhattan Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness-based clinical interventions such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) typically recommends practicing meditation for 40-45 minutes per day

Nutrition FAQs

Q. Is eliminating the salt-shaker enough to cut sodium from my diet?

Only 11 percent of the sodium we consume comes from salt that is added at the table or while cooking. 71 percent of sodium consumption comes from processed/packaged or restaurant food. In order to cut salt out of daily nutrition, choose fresh and whole foods over packaged and processed foods.

Q. What’s the best diet?

A. There’s no one best way to eat. There is no such thing as one diet fits all. The best nutrition plan consists of one that meets medical and nutritional needs, as well as being affordable and something one can stick with for the long-term.


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